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    Please find some general information, handy tips and advice and answers to frequently asked questions;                             

    How can I work with you?
    The most effective and efficient way to work with us and get things moving is to simply by phoning us and chatting through your questions, queries, thoughts and ideas. You can rest assured we've covered it all before and we'll be able assist you with the next step and the best way forward.

    Quote Cart
    If you have sent us a quote cart request we will get back to you asap. Generally, within 24 hours. 
    We may contact you to obtain some further details. 
    Typical questions we will ask in order to finalise the best prices are; How many do you need? What logo or branding would you like to use? And, when do you need the product/s delivered?

    Price Estimates
    Prices listed are guided only and subject to change without notice. There are usually many variables that influence costs.

    Searching for Products
    This site contains tens of thousands of products. Here of some options to assist in browsing and finding the right products for you. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for please just give us a call or email us for further assistance. 

    Search Bar Type a product name (eg cap) into our search bar and press enter. All products with ‘cap’ in the product description will be listed.

    Advanced Search Clicking the advanced search icon allow you to refine your search criteria, ie by colour, supplier etc.

    Featured Clicking ‘Featured’ on the menu bar will take you to a selection on products we think are definitely worth browsing.

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    Clicking our 'supplier links' section provides direct links to our preferred supplier's respective websites. It's a good way to search for products if you prefer a specific supplier brand or want to see their complete product range.

    Can't find what you are looking for?
    There is literally an endless array of products available. Listing them all on the Katapult website is neither wise nor feasible. We showcase popular products (thousands of them) from recommended suppliers but our website is a 'snap-shot' and by no means exhaustive. For this reason, it is often beneficial that you provide us with a brief and let us cover the full gamut of options and provide some specific recommendations to suit. It's what we do best!
    Also, if you've seen a product somewhere else or have some product information just let us know the details. If it is indeed a rare occurrence if there's a promotional product that we don't know about.

    Terms & Conditions
    See our Terms & Conditions 

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    Credit Cards  
    Katapult accepts credit card payment through VisaCard and MasterCard only. 
    If you’d like to pay via credit card you can call the office or email through your details. Information need is your car number and expiry date. We do not store your credit card details unless express permission and arrangements are made.
    Please note; for all credit card payments a 2% merchant surcharge applies.
    Amex is not accepted. 

    Catalogue Packs
    If you would like to browse our products and supplier ranges in catalogue hard copies and would like a catalogue pack sent out to you please contact us.

    Custom Made
    When standard promotional products don't suit the occasion and if a client is after a unique 'one of a kind' product, Katapult specialises in the design and supply of custom made products, through leading Australian and international manufacturers.
    Everything that you may have seen (perhaps in the retail market), or almost anything that you can visualise or imagine, can be designed, created, manufactured and produced as a 'promotional product' for an organisation's promotional purposes. It just needs the right vision, knowhow and expertise.

    Artwork & Logos
    It is imperative that the logos and artwork used when branding promotional products is of high quality. This foundation is fundamental in achieving the best end result.

    Katapult has expert knowledge and resources in the area of art and design and we apply our skill and experience and quality control measures on every job. 
    Katapult treats the branding of logo's and artwork on all products with the utmost care and attention to detail. 
    We understand that protecting and preserving our client's brand integrity is an integral part and critical part of what we do. 

    Katapult ideally requires your artwork to be presented to us (potentially through your graphic designer or art department) as digital artwork via email in PC format. Vector artwork formatted in Adobe Illustrator as EPS or Ai files are preferred for best image output. All text must be outlined. 
    We can in some instances use JPG and TIFF files provided they are a minimum of 300 dpi. Other details, such as Pantone Matching System® (PMS) colours may also need to be supplied to us.
    If it is not possible for you or your organisation to supply artwork in a finished format, then we can do this for you at an agreed fee.

    The predominant feature of all promotional products is that they are designed to be branded with a company name, logo and/or other relevant artwork or information. 
    Katapult offers expert advice and provides comprehensive services and solutions relating to the branding of all promotional products.
    There are a variety of methods used to brand promotional products across a wide range of surfaces and materials and specialised skills, knowledge and equipment is essential.

    Branding Methods
    The most common promotional product branding methods are: 

    Embroidery is where cotton thread in the form of a logo or detail is sewn or woven into the fabric or material and is very effective in branding anything of a textile nature (eg caps, T-shirts, apparel). It is generally considered the best branding method for smaller areas (eg left chest) and is especially the case where the logo has many colours as the costs are determined by the number of stitches applied known commonly as the 'stitch count'. Embroidery provides a professional finish and has a high perceived value and there is no limit to the number of thread colours that can be used.

    Screen Printing involves pressing ink through a fine mesh screen, leaving a clean and crisp imprint on the materials surface. It is most commonly used on T-shirts, jackets, bags etc but can also be used to brand larger images on metal, plastic, leather, PVC and wooden objects - basically anything with a flat surface. It is often the most economical form of branding, especially on large areas or where the logo and images have few colours and patterns. The garment or product with the fresh ink or screen print is put through a heat bed or heat tunnel to cure the inks so that they become permanent. Limitations may exist in reproducing fine detail and colour registration due to the potential for inks to ‘bleed’ through the wider weave of some materials.

    Pad Printing is an ideal means of branding logos and images to provide excellent colour and detail on small, hard or unusually shaped items. Pad printing involves a printing plate with an image etched into the surface which is then covered in ink, applied and then cleaned leaving only the image. Branding to a maximum approximate size of 50mm and up to 4 colours is achievable. The application of a pad print is most common on small plastic or metal items like pens, golf balls, desk items etc.

    Laser Engraving is commonly used on metal objects (eg pens, key rings) to a maximum logo size of approx 30mm. It can also be used on some plastic, glass and wooden surfaces. Laser engraving is a computer generated, subtle and precise method of branding that leaves a professional and permanent form of branding that will never come off.

    Debossing & Embossing these are similar processes that create a different result. Both processes involve making a metal plate and counter. The plate is mounted on a press and the material (leather, vinyl or paper) is stamped between the plate and counter. This force of pressure pushes the material into the plate creating the impression. Embossing creates a raised impression on stock - pushes the image above the level of the material. Debossing is the reverse of embossing. Debossing creates a depressed impression on stock - pushes the image below the level of the surface. 

    Foil Stamping is achieved by applying foil in the required design, which is heated and pressed onto the surface of the product, leaving a bright metallic gold or silver effect. Foil stamping is ideal for items such as diaries and compendiums and along with embossing is the highest quality of branding for leather, PVC or PU 'leather look' items. This method can also be used on paper, board and plastic surfaces.

    Plastisol Transfers a plastisol print is a heat and pressure ‘transfer’ applied to the materials surface (eg apparel, bags, caps) and is used when the required colours or detail are too intricate for screen printing or if the surface being used is not suitable (eg. too porous). Plastisol transfers have a higher profile and smoother finish than screen printing and are an excellent option for 4-colour process or photographic images.

    Decal Printing/Kiln fired Decals are generally used on glassware or mugs where the artwork is printed in the desired number of colours onto a transfer and then fired onto a coffee mugs or glassware. Decals can be made in 1 to 4 spot colours or even 4-colour-process. Logos are commonly applied as 'one position', half wrap decals or 'two position' (front and back) and full wrap decals. Special decals may be used on glassware to give either a 'frosted logo' look or a 'frosted glass' look.

    Rubber Badging is where a logo or image is created using a rubber or PVC badge (it can also be done using metal) and is then attached to the product.

    Product Packaging allows additional branding, identification and packaging options to enhance the presentation of products. There are various methods, such as custom made boxes to house product, backing cards for lapel pins, heat sealed or poly-bags with a retail style header card printed with product and/or company information. Product packaging is generally customised to suit the product.