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    Light Bulb Shape Magnets 55mm x 91mm - Includes Decoration

    Code: 199MMT_MMAG

    Light Bulb Shape Magnets are powerful promotional tools. They are printed in full colour and are finished with a high gloss cellosheen coating. These 55mm x 91mm size fridge magnets utilise a thick commercial grade magnetic material to ensure they stick on customers fridges for years. Fridge magnets are excellent at generating a massive number of leads and sales to your business because they are looked at every single day. In particular. Light Bulb Shape Magnets will enable your design to shine and ensure your business stands out from your competition. Your customers would love to receive a fridge magnet because they can actually use them, prompting them to keep your Light Bulb Shape Magnets for years at a time.

    $0.21 to $0.62

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