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    Wristband Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

    Code: HS012_DEX

    Description: This 10ml unique wristband hand sanitiser dispenser is perfect for use at home, at work, on the go, while traveling, and more. It is washable, rewearable and comes with a cap refill opening which is wide enough to refill sanitiser. This wristband offers a convenient, simple and portable defense against viral and bacterial exposure, it saves carrying a bottle which can leak in your pocket or bag, also allows you to carry all necessary liquids, such as hand sanitizer, lotion, liquid soap and more. This wristband is packed in a plastic bag with a 30ml empty plastic bottle. Product Size: 250mmW x 16mmH x 22mmD. Packaging: Loose Packed. Colours: Black | Blue (2905c) | Pink (1895c) | Yellow (113c) | Purple (259c) | White | Green (367c). Price is using Local Blank Stock.

    $2.67 to $4.61

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