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    Terms & Conditions

    The following are Terms & Conditions applicable to all orders placed with Katapult.

    Please familiarise yourself with these Terms & Conditions if you intend to order from Katapult. 

    If you have any queries in relation to these Terms & Conditions please contact us.


    To commence an order as per the ‘Order Confirmation’, ‘Art Confirmation’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’, Katapult requires approval ‘sign-off’ by either Option a) or Option b) as stated on the ‘Order Confirmation’. 

    It is the client’s sole responsibility to check the accuracy of all information contained in the ‘Order Confirmation’ and ‘Art Confirmation’ before ‘sign-off’ (approval to proceed).

    Katapult accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies contained in the ‘Order Confirmation’ and/or ‘Art Confirmation’ after your ‘sign-off’ (approval to proceed).

    By approving an order ‘sign-off’ you the client acknowledges that all information contained in the ‘Order Confirmation’ and ‘Art Confirmation’ is correct and authorises Katapult to commence the order as detailed.

    Cancellations or any alterations of an approved ‘Order Confirmation’ and/or ‘Art Confirmation’ will incur charges (up to 100% of the value of the order).

    By approving the order ‘sign-off’ the client warrants and indemnifies Katapult Pty Ltd and its Directors, Employees and Agents from any breach, infringement, liabilities or claims associated with printing or branding any; illegal, defamatory, copyrighted or trademarked, logos, artwork, designs or materials.

    Freight and delivery charges applicable to orders are difficult to determine upfront and vary in accordance with respective product and packing specifications, delivery locations and destinations, time frames available, resources required and the mode of shipment. Katapult has many freight forwarding partners, excellent commercial freight rates and a variety of freighting and shipping options available to ensure that your orders are delivered to you via the best, safest, most appropriate and most cost effective way.

    Standard Payment Terms are Prepaid (or C.O.D. if agreed prior) for all new customers and 14 days from the date of invoice for existing clients. Variations to these Payment Terms are only applicable if prior and alternate invoice Payment Terms have been agreed. If you would like to set up a trading account with Katapult please contact the office for a relevant Credit Application. 

    Katapult accepts payment of invoices by; EFT, cheque, cash or credit card (VisaCard and MasterCard only). Please note; for all credit card payments a 2% merchant surcharge applies.

    For all orders over $5,000+GST Katapult may require a deposit before the commencement of the order. This will be stipulated on the ‘Order Confirmation’ if it’s applicable.

    Once your order is complete and goods have been delivered with approved branding, they cannot be returned or exchanged unless faulty.

    Katapult adheres to stringent quality control measures on all orders and artwork. If you think a product or branding is faulty or not as per your approved ‘Order Confirmation’ and ‘Art Confirmation’, Katapult will pursue all viable options to rectify the situation. In finding a suitable solution we require all faulty products to be returned to the Katapult office for assessment. Please note products need to be in new or original condition unless manufacturer product guarantees have been stipulated on the ‘Order Confirmation’.